"The noise made by internal combustion engines are not sounds designed for pedestrian safety…. given what we know of human sensory perception, we have the novel opportunity to do better." EVA Inc. at the NHTSA Quiet Cars Public Meeting in Washington D.C. June 23, 2008

Product Solution

Enhanced Vehicle Acoustics (EVA) creates scientifically evaluated external sounds to quietly-operating hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles.

Without the familiar sounds of conventional combustion engine, pedestrians, cyclists, animals and others lack the acoustic cues that warn them of approaching vehicles traveling at 15-25 mph or less. Much like the triangular or third brake light instituted in the 1970s, we think that the development of an external sound emitting system will mark an advance in safety, because engineered and psychoacoustically evaluated sounds will provide better information about the direction and intention of vehicles, thus reducing harm and preventing accidents.

EVA has developed a subtle sound-emitting device that can intelligently alert people and animals to the presence of quietly-operating vehicles. By intelligently adding sounds where and when you need it, our solution makes our environments safer while minimizing noise pollution. In fact, our solution will provide better acoustic cues than current combustion engines at a fraction of the sound output -- yet another way electric and hybrid vehicles will change our lives.  

With initial seed funding from the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) and other sources, we have designed and built three generations of Vehicular Operations Sound Emitting Systems (VOSES). 

Our PANDA external sound system is designed for the Toyota Prius andgenerates sound for safety and general awareness of quietly operating vehicle operation. The sounds emitted are similar to those of current combustion engines but at a fraction of the sound level of most vehicles. The system is enhanced over current combustion engines because the sounds are projected in a more meaningful way.


- Diagram of External Speakers -

At higher speeds (> 20-25mph) when the sound produced by the tire noise and wind generated by the car is sufficient for bystanders to hear, the sound system shuts off thus reducing overall sound levels when compared to conventional combustion engines.  The system also shuts off when the hybrid combustion engine is activated.

The PANDA system allows drivers, companies or municipalities to potentially establish their own external automobile sound identities - all within a well-recognizable and respectful soundscape.


- Example Control Unit -

We have prototype test drivers trying out our system in the Northern California Bay Area.  The PANDA external sound system will be available for commercial sale soon! Our system will be compatable with the Toyota Prius, Camry and Highlander. We are working to expand the system or create custom solutions for other hybrid and electric vehicle manufacters. For additional information -- to volunteer for prototype test driving or get more information, please contact us at info@evacoustics.com.

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